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How to help us help you

Hosted Desktop UK strives to provide the best possible customer support experience to its clients, while we usually respond to support tickets within an hour during the working day the speed of resolution of an issue can vary greatly depending on the accuracy and amount of information supplied. By following a few basic guidelines before and whilst logging a support ticket you can increase the likelihood that your ticket will be responded to and resolved faster than those raised with incomplete or insufficient detail.

If you have issues, particularly with regards to accessing your hosted services, firstly check out forums for any network outages or other problems that may affect your connection to the network or our data centres, also, check out our status site HERE, where we will have reported any known issues. It could be that we are already aware of, and are in the process of, fixing an issue and the creation of extras tickets just diverts our support staff away from dealing with the cause.

What information should you include when logging a support ticket?

  • Your full name
  • The username/full email address of the user having difficulties
  • Your company name if you are not emailing from a company domain name
  • A direct dial telephone number in case we need to call you
  • A detailed description of the issue including transcripts or screenshots (Screen Shot) of any error messages or diagnostics that show the fault
  • What action you have taken yourself to try to resolve the issue and the outcome of those actions

Supplying as much detailed information as possible will help us to help you more quickly

To log a support ticket with Hosted Desktop, please click HERE