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Changing your bank account details in GoCardless

If you need to change the details of your bank account from which your GoCardless payment is taken you can do so by following the procedure below, however please note; DO NOT DELETE THE OLD ACCOUNT DETAILS as this will nullify the direct debit authorisation and the new account details will not be accepted without going through a new authorisation process.

1 - You can change your bank account via the settings menu of your GoCardless Dashboard

2 - To access the dashboard please click here and sign in with your email and password

3 - Access the settings menu by clicking on Customer in the top right then Settings in the drop down menu

4 - Click on Bank Accounts on the left then click on Add New Account

5 - A window will open where you can add the new bank account details

6 - Make sure that the Make Default box at the bottom of the window is ticked to ensure that this new account becomes the default from which all future payments are taken

7 - Save your changes

8 - All payments from now on will be taken from your new account