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How to enable 2FA for Spam Quaratine

1 - Go to

2 - Sign in with your email credentials. (Which you have set up previously through this guide: First Time Logging onto Email Filtering)

3 - Select Users Profile from the Dashboard

4 - In the 2nd half of the screen it will allow you to enable 2 Factor authentication.
You’ll need an appropriate application on your smartphone for this:

  • iOS phone Users can use Duo Mobile
  • Android phone users can use Google Authenticator or Duo Mobile
  • Windows phone users can use Authenticator or Duo Mobile

Select the Enable Button to start the process:

5 - This window will then appear. Scan the QR Code using your app/smartphone and it will create an entry in your authenticator app

6 - Once scanned, enter the code shown on your device and hit finalize

7 - You’ll then be taken back to the User Accounts page. You can now select "Backup Codes" to take a backup of your 2FA Recovery codes incase you require them

8 - You’ll then get this window, select "New Codes"

9 - It will then show you your codes in a new window. Take a copy of these somewhere safe

Now when you log into your quarantine system in addition to entering your username and password you will also need to enter a code displayed on your phone within the authenticator application installed.