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Email Filter Dashboard

When you log into you will be taken to the Dashboard

Group 1

Log Search - Search emails that have come in to your Email Address

Spam Quarantine - Check Emails marked as Spam

Incoming delivery queue - Check emails that are in the Filtering System but not yet delivered to your Mailbox

Report Spam - Drag an Email from Outlook to this page to specifiy it is a SPAM Email

Report not Spam - Drag an Email from Outlook to this page to specify NOT Spam

Group 2

Periodic User Report - You can have your Spam Report sent to Other Users

Group 3

Outgoing Log Search - Currently not used

Group 4

Recipient WhiteList - You can Whitelist your Email Address so emails bypass all Filters. This is not recommended

Group 5

If you have purchased Email Archive from Hosted Desktop, please have a look at the Email Archive Knowledgebase Articles

Group 6

User’s profile - You can change your Password and setup 2 Factor Security for your User