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Setup Email notifications

1 - Load the application

2 - On the First Screen, click Switch to Advanced Mode

3 - On the new window, click on the Orange Cog

4 - Select "Program Settings"

5 - On the new window, choose the tab "Notify"

On this page, you can select different email options. By default you will get an email when a task is complete or failed

7 - "Click Email Settings"

8 - On this window, type in all the recipient Email Addresses you require. One Per Line.

9 - Once complete, click "SMTP Configuration"

10 - Type in the following details:

  • Sender Name: HDUK Backup to Site
  • Email Address:
    (You must ask HDUK Support to provide this information. Please email
  • SMTP Server:
  • SMTP Port: 30

Click "OK"

11 - Click "Send Test Email"

If everything has been setup correctly, all recipients should recieve a test email and you should get a note to say "Done"

12 - Once complete, click OK and then you can close the program.