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Installing and configuring the application


1 - Install on the local machine on which the back up will be stored. Run the following file with administrator rights: HDUKBackupToSite.exe
2 - Choose Next at the ‘Welcome to HDUK Backup to Site Setup Wizard….’
3 - Accept the default location for the install.
4 - Accept the default Start Menu Folder location.
5 - Accept what icons you require and choose Next
6 - Then click on Install
7 - Once finished close the install and launch HDUK Backup to Site from the desktop.

Configuration and Setup

1 - Once installed run the Shortcut

2 - On the Wizard Screen Click ‘Perform a synchronization or back up now (create a new profile)’

3 - First Step is to Specify Folders, Local Folder is where you want the backup from Hosted Desktop to be stored
4 - Next to Folder location click ‘Browse’

5 - You will need to enter your Backup to Site Username and Password supplied from Hosted Desktop UK

6 - Once you have entered the correct details you will see the following: (note, this is just a test so we only have one folder called ‘Testing’ but a live customer will probably see the whole of their data folder.) Click on the top level folder you require.

7 - Once you have selected the folder you require, Click OK and then Next

8 - Choose Sync Direction and Subfolders should be setup as follows:

9 - Choose Sync Modes as :

10 - Choose File Types can be left as default unless there are any files you wish not to Sync:

11 - Next configure the Timer Settings:

12 - Next Name the Profile

13 - Finish by Clicking Save Only