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Requesting Files

Requesting one-off files

File Requests provides an easy way for you to request files from someone. The system will make it very easy so that there’s no need to do any further explanation, or walk someone through the process over the phone.
You Request the Files by clicking on the File Request button in the main compose page.

This will open up a popup window that you can fill in like this:

When you click on the Request File button, an email will be delivered (for example with a unique File Request link. The email will look something like this:

And when the user clicks on the File Request, they will be taken to a page that will look something like this:

Where they can send the Requested Files back to the requester.
A couple of things to note:

  • The Link is one time use only and will expire when the files have been delivered. If you need something to be used more than once, please look at using the Filedrop instead.
  • The user that gets the link doesn’t need to register or do anything other than clicking on the link in the email, and since they received the email with the link, we know that the email address is valid.

Requesting regular files - Filedrop

A Filedrop is a permanent URL that you can use to receive files. You can for instance:

  • Add this link to your email signature.
  • Post in forums and other public places where you also would be comfortable to post your email address.
  • Send to anyone in a private email for them to use when sending files to you repeatedly.

You can get your Filedrop link by going to the Account Settings page. It will look something like this:

You will see two links, one random and one with your email address.
The random link is a link which can’t be guessed so it is safer to post in places when you’re not sure if you want to share your email address. If the link ever falls in the wrong hands, you can always go back to this page and click on the "Reset Filedrop URL" button. This will generate a new random Filedrop URL for you. Please note that this will automatically expire your previous URL so anyone who will try to use the previous URL will get a 404 page not found message.
The link with your email looks nicer and is easier to validate if someone has to type it in. But this link will never expire (unless you change email address).
When someone visits your Filedrop URL ( in this example), they will see a page like this:

Anyone who visits this page will be able to send files to you by filling in all the fields, clicking on the "Add Files" button and clicking "Send". Please note that there is no "To" field. Since this is your Filedrop URL, all files sent here will always be delivered to you.