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Internet Browser Support

Secure Document Exchange pushes some boundaries of what’s possible with browsers. In general, the two most recent major releases of the four most popular browsers are supported, except with Internet Explorer where the three most recent major releases are supported.

Please see the matrix below for different browser versions and their limitations:

Browser Upload Mechanism Max Download Max Upload
Internet Explorer 11 HTML 5 No Limit No Limit
Internet Explorer 10 HTML 5 No Limit No Limit
Internet Explorer 9 Legacy No Limit 4 GB
Internet Explorer 8 Legacy No Limit 2 GB
Chrome HTML 5 No Limit No Limit
Firefox HTML 5 No Limit No Limit
Safari 6 HTML 5 No Limit No Limit
Safari 5 Legacy No Limit No Limit

Secure Document Exchange will automatically detect the presence of the HTML 5 File.API needed to send files with unlimited file size. While there is some support for HTML5 in IE9, it doesn’t support the File.API. Internet Explorer 10 is the first version of Internet Explorer to support the HTML 5 File.API.

The Send limitations are limitations in each browser. It’s not possible to "fix" Internet Explorer 8 or 9 to send an 8Gb file, these are the inherent limits of those browsers.

The Browser file size limitation problem is compounded with a sort of - how do we describe 30 hours on a 12 hour clock? 2 revolutions and 6 o’clock. But since the equivalent of revolutions doesn’t exist, all we’re left with is 6 o’clock, or back in computer land - a 5 Gb file uploaded in IE9 will be uploaded as a 1Gb file. It just "turns over" every 4Gb. The following message is shown if someone has a setting that would allow them to upload a larger file, but their browser prevents them:

Since we cannot detect properly in this case if someone has selected a larger than 4Gb file, this is so far the best we can do, and probably the way it’s going to stay until IE 11 or 12 when we can (finally) end support for the non HTML5 compliant versions of Internet Explorer.