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Using FileLink

FileLink allows you to easily share files without having to send them to a specific recipient. You can access this feature by clicking on FileLink in the main header.

The main FileLink window looks like this:

  1. This is the default tab where you can select to create a FileLink for a new file.
  2. This is the tab where your existing FileLinks are listed.
  3. This is the tab where existing files (from messages/FileLinks) are listed so you can create a new FileLink without uploading the file.
  4. If you want to create a FileLink for a new file, select the file here.
  5. When you have selected the new File, click Create Link to create the FileLink.

When you have selected a new file, the FileLink window will change to look like this:

  1. This is the selected File, including it’s file size.
  2. This is when the FileLink will expire, after this date no one will be able to access the FileLink.
  3. If you check Send Download Receipts you will be notified when someone has downloaded the file from the FileLink, you will receive one email per download.
  4. Require authentication to download. Please note that it’s not possible to authorize the FileLink — anyone that has access to the FileLink URL (it is randomized so it’s not guessable) will be able to download the file, if you select Require Authentication they will have to authenticate either with an account on this Secure Documents Exchange or using the email. If you select this option the authentication information will be included in the download receipt.

When you have created a FileLink, or if you’re viewing an existing FileLink, you will see a page like this:

  1. An icon representing the file.
  2. The Filename, Size and Checksum.
  3. The Download button.
  4. Expiry date of the link — displayed in window as shown.
  5. Checkbox to enable download receipts.
  6. Checkbox to require authentication.
  7. Copy the FileLink to your clipboard.

Using the "Copy FileLink to Clipboard" function, you can now copy the FileLink into a chat message, post on a forum, or post in SharePoint or anywhere else where you want to make this file available.
Anyone who accesses this URL will see this file but only you will have the ability change settings.