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Filedrop allows you to send a web link (URL) to users either via your website, email signature or in ad-hoc messages to anyone (including colleagues or customers) to enable them to upload a file to you securely to our encrypted server where you can then access it to download.

Every SDX account has a unique Filedrop link, available in either a randomised text-string (anonymous) format or a link displaying your email address

To find your Filedrop links:

1 - Log into your SDX Account at

2 - From the main screen click on the Cog icon on the top right of the screen

3 - On the drop down, click on Account Settings

4 - Click on the Filedrop tab

5 - Your two Filedrop links can be seen here

To view files that have been uploaded to your account, from the main SDX screen click on Secure Messages then Inbox