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Accessing Hosted Desktop Web Access

1 - In order to access your Hosted Desktop via an Internet Browser (ie Internet Explorer or Firefox), open up your preferred web browser and type:

2 - Brief Explanation of Fields:

  • Server Name: This will usually be your name ending with
  • Port: This will need to be the same as that given to you by Hosted Desktop UK, the default is 3389
  • Username: Your username as supplied to you from Hosted Desktop UK
  • Password: Password supplied by Hosted Desktop UK, this will be case sensitive
  • Domain: Domain name if supplied by Hosted Desktop this can be blank

For example if Hosted Desktop UK supply you with the following details: then 3390 will need to be put in the Port field and: is the server name.

3 - Once you filled in the correct details click on ‘Connect’

4 - You may receive the following warning, please click “Allow access”

5 - You will now be presented with your Web Access Hosted Desktop:

6 - To close the Web Access Please just click on the “Start Menu” and “Log off”