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Convert a Document to PDF Format Using CutePDF

It is possible to convert any document, email or web-page to PDF format using the CutePDF software. When CutePDF is installed on your Hosted Desktop, it appears as a printer meaning that any document which you wish to convert just needs to be printed in the usual manner, but with the ‘CutePDF Writer’ printer selected.

This article gives an example of how to convert a Microsoft Office Word document to PDF format; the process is very similar for other applications

1 - Open up the document you wish to convert

2 - Follow your usual route to the printing options. (In Microsoft Word, this can be done by clicking the File tab and then select Print)

3 - From the drop-down printer selection menu, select CutePDF Writer

4 - Click Print

5 - You will be presented with a Save As dialogue. Select the location you wish to save the PDF document to, and give the PDF document a name. Then click Save

6 - You can now open and view your newly created PDF document with a suitable PDF Reader, such as Adobe Reader which is available for download from Adobe’s Website

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