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Removing a User

This guide is to allow a smooth transition from handling a leaver from your practice or employment

Please Note: A request to remove a user must be received before the end of the calendar month in order for the billing to be adjusted for the following month

There are 2 main parts which we will ask for you to check:

1 - Backing up User’s Emails - We have an existing guide on this Knowledgebase to export emails to a PST. Then we also have a guide how to attach to another user’s outlook Knowledgebase to open a PST

2 - Backing up User’s Profile - You can either ask the employee for the password or if you want us to we can re-set the password for Hosted Desktop. I will provide the instructions on how to backup a users profile in this guide

Once you have completed the required backups, please fill in the below form to raise a ticket to get the user removed:

Please enter your name
Please enter your company/organisation name
Please enter the requester’s email
Please enter username to be removed (Format is Firstname.Surname)
Does the user have an email account hosted by Hosted Desktop UK?
Please enter desired email address
Does the email address need to be set as an alias on another email account?
Which email account would you like the alias adding to?
Please enter the date the account is to be removed

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