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Regional and Language Settings

If you are experiencing issues with incorrect keys mapping to the keyboard (i.e. Shift+2 displaying @ rather than " or Shift+3 displaying #)

1 - Have a look in the bottom right hand corner of the screen by the clock. You should see the letters ENG

2 - Click on this and select Language preferences
3 - This should open the Control Panel Language window. Click on English (United Kingdom) and click on Move up
4 - Once the English (United Kingdom) entry is at the top click on English (United States) and click Remove
5 - Your screen should now look like this
6 - Click on Control Panel Home
7 - In the Search Control Panel box type Region and click on the entry that appears
8 - In the top dropdown ensure that English (United Kingdom) is selected. Change it if necessary.
9 - Log out of Hosted Desktop and then log back in again and your keyboard entries and regional settings should be back to normal