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Creating a new Hosted Server Subscription

1 - Access the Control Panel - For instructions on doing this, please click here

2 - Click on VPS Hosting

3 - Select the Package from the list based on the Operating System you want on the new subscription. You can select from:

  • Windows Server 2008R2
  • Windows Server 2012R2
  • CentOS (Linux)

4 - Type in a comment in the Comments section such as a brief description of the new Hosted Server

5 - As standard, the following resources are set on the new Hosted Server subscription:

Server OS CPU Cores RAM Disk
Windows 2008 R2 1 1024 MB 40 GB
Windows 2012 R2 1 1024 MB 40 GB
CentOS 7.0 1 1024 MB 40 GB

If any extra resource are required, select Add-on Information

This will present a drop-down with available Add-ons that can be selected (by quantity)

6 - Once the relevant information has been input, click Shopping Cart at the bottom of the screen

7 - The next screen will give you an overview of your new subscription. If it is all correct, click on Place Order at the bottom of the screen

8 - You should now see a Order placed successfully message

9 - You should also see your newly created subscription in the Subscription list

10 - The status will remain as Pending until the subscription is authorised by Hosted Desktop
Status will change to a Tick sign to show it is now active.