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Creating a new Hosted Server

Please Note: A Subscription is required before a server can be created. Please see document CREATING A SUBSCRIPTON for steps on completing this first

Once you have created your new Hosted Server Subscription you can begin to build your Hosted Server. This is done through the Control Panel

1 - Access the Control Panel - For instructions on doing this, please click here

2 - Click on Subscriptions on the left hand panel

3 - This will expand the Subscriptions section. Click on All Subscriptions

4 - Click on the Subscription that was created in the previous section

5 - Click on VPS Servers at the top of the list

6 - Click on Add VPS

7 - Fill in the information on the screen (Anything with a * is required information)

  • Virtual Machine Name
  • CPU Cores
  • RAM (MB)
  • Disk Space (GB)
  • Password
  • Confirm password

You will also need to assign the server an IP address from the Select IP section

8 - Once all information has been filled out click on Add

9 - You will then see the message:
VPS is being provisioned, it will take a while to complete. Check 10-30 minutes later for status
An hourglass will be seen next to the VPS

10 - Once the VPS creation has completed, the hourglass will change to a tick. (This process can take up to half an hour to complete)

11 - Clicking on Home will take you back to the main Control Panel screen. Your Hosted Server subscription will now be visible under the Manage section