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ESET Mac Client Settings

The ESET software installs with standard settings that will protect you against most threats. There are some settings that can be tweaked to suit individual needs

1 - Load up ESET Endpoint AntiVirus. This can be done by clicking on the Endpoint Antivirus icon on the dock
2 - Clicking on this icon will load the Protection Status screen
3 - Click on the Setup tab
4 - This will open the Setup screen">
5 - By default Rel-time file system protection should be turned on in Computer
and Web access protection, Email client protection, and Anti-Phishing protection should be turned on in Web and email

Computer options

Real-time file system protection
Permanent protection of files used by applications or the operating system
Device control
Device Control gives you the ability to control the actions of applications and processes to prevent unwanted behavior
Presentation mode
Disables pop-up windows , scheduled tasks and reduces CPU usage

Web and email options

Web access protection
Protection against incoming attacks from visited websites, including URL blocking and scanning of downloaded websites
Email client protection
Scanning of incoming and outgoing messages in email client
Anti-Phishing protection
Anti-Phishing protection prevents phishing attacks and blocks scam websites

All of the above options have further setup options that can be tweaked to suit your needs. This can be achieved by clicking on the Setup icon next to each option