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Installing ESET Endpoint Protection Standard on a Windows device

Before you begin, if you are using Windows 10, you must de-activate Windows Defender. Instructions on doing this can be found HERE

1 - Once you have purchased ESET Endpoint Protection Standard, you will be sent an email containing a download link
2 - Click on the link at the bottom of the email to be taken to the secure site to download the software
3 - Choose the download that relates to your Operating System. The ERA_Installer_x64… for 64bit computers or ERA_Installer_x86… for 32bit computers
You can check the PC in question by clicking Start then typing run then typing in msinfo32 and looking on the page for the section entitled System Type. You can see in this example it is a 64bit computer
4 - Once downloaded, double click on the installer
5 - If the following screen appears, click More info and then Run anyway. Alternatively continue to step 6

6 - If you see the window below, click Yes
7 - You should then see the following screen

Please ensure that the section I want to uninstall unwanted antivirus applications… is ticked. Then click Continue

8 - Click Accept on the End-user licence agreement
9 - It will then scan for any pre-existing Anti-virus products, and prompt you to accept the removal (if there are any)
10 - Once finished, or if there are no other Anti-virus products detected, click on Continue to installation
11 - You will then see the following screen
12 - On the next screen enable Detection of potentially unwanted applications and click Install
13 - It will then start installing the software
14 - This process will take a few minutes to complete depending on your system resources. Once completed, click Finish to complete the install process. The new Endpoint Protection software is now installed.